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What is an insurance loss adjuster?

Loss Adjuster Vs Loss Assessor

The loss adjuster is someone who is employed by your insurance company, representing their interests in adjusting the claim. They respond to the claim you present. They do not prepare your claim for you or act on your behalf.

Paul Turner Associates are qualified ‘Loss Assessors’ as opposed to ‘Loss Adjusters’. This information is here to help clarify things for you, so you will understand the difference between the loss ‘adjuster’ and ‘assessor’. We are here to work directly on your behalf, preparing your claim and dealing with the insurance companies and their loss adjusters as necessary.

See our Loss Assessor information or simply call us for further help and advice about making your claim.

London | Medway | Kent | UK

Paul Turner Associates are based in Medway, Kent (nr London). We provide our insurance claims services throughout all of the UK.

Insurance Loss Adjuster ~ London | Medway | Kent